NEWS: Look after your pets on Guy Fawkes Night

Vets in London advise pet-owners to take extra care of their cats and dogs on Guy Fawkes night as “the animals are traumatised” by the loud bangs and flashing lights.

Veterinary David Cuffe said the fireworks are a “big problem” every year as many pets are afraid of strange noises and get very distressed. His advice is to keep the animals indoors on Bonfire Night, Nov 5. He also recommends pet-owners to draw heavy curtains and to use prescription-free tranquilisers made from a cow’s milk extract. He said: “Perhaps not unlike our grandmothers telling us to have a glass of warm milk to calm us down.” Playing background music is another tip given but on this note the advised genre does vary. David Cuffe recommended soothing classical music while a pamphlet distributed by Goddard Veterinary Group said: “If you can tolerate it, rap or similar music with constant drum beats does help.”

If the advice given does not help your pet there are prescription sedatives to get fro the clinics. These however were recommended to be tried out in advance. Other general advice were to provide reassurance and company for your pet and to act calm.

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