NEWS: Panel debate on Environmental Journalism, “food shortages are to come”

Next big environmental issue on everyones lips is the food situation according to Emily Beament, Environmental Correspondent at Press Association. Emily, who was part of a panel debate on Environmental Journalism at City University last night, argued that with the world population just having reached 7 billion, future issues related to food shortages will soon be “in the spotlight”. She said: “Food, and the way we farm and eat our food, is something that will be going through some big changes in the near future”. Emily said that while the ongoing reform of the Common Agricultural Policy may be a “tedious subject” to discuss, it will have extremely important consequences. She said: “Food prices are expected to rise even more. Our attitude to food here in the UK will change. The way we eat, produce and use our food will change and this is something that concerns everyone.”

The purpose of the European Common Agricultural Policy, CAP, is to guarantee EU citizens healthy and quality food production whilst preserving the environment. On 12 Oct 2011 The Commission presented new proposals said to make the CAP “A more effective policy for a more competitive and sustainable agriculture and vibrant rural areas” as stated on their website. The aim is to have the reform in place as of 1 Jan 2014.

More details on the potential consequences of the reform is under investigation and to be published shortly.

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