NEWS: Soldier-driven canal boats to transport passengers to the Olympic Park this summer

Canal boats driven by ex-soldiers will be taking passengers to the Olympic Park this summer. The journey will take between 35- 50 minutes and the boats will depart from Limehouse Basin in the South and Tottenham Hale in North London.

Many of the so called “water chariots” will be operated by ex-members of the Armed Forces. Part of the privately owned company structure is to provide job opportunities, particularly to wounded ex-soldiers.

Pat Fatherley works for the company. She says: “Our chariots are the only boats allowed on that part of the canal during the Olympics.”

“Fun, green and convenient” is one of the slogans and the company states to be contributing to the promise of “Green Games”. Manesha Moran, commuter, London Bridge says: “Great idea, and so environmentally friendly. If I can get hold of a ticket, I’ll definitely use those.”

Anna Clark, tourist, California, says: “Boat taxi? Sounds like a hassle to me. I would go for a black taxi instead.”

The price will vary depending on size of party and type of boat. The chariots are brand new and some will offer drinks and entertainment. The company was set up just before the Olympics but Pat says that they “hope to stay in business long after”.

For more info on the green games, visit the London 2012 official website.

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