NEWS: Many Liberal Democrats could defect to Labour in the next election.

The Liberal Democrats are losing voters to the Labour party according recent reports.

A recent YouGov report showed that 40 per cent of those who voted Liberal Democrats in 2010 would vote Labour if there were an election tomorrow. The last four reports show similar results, between 35 and 41 per cent would move to Labour.

Dr Alun Wyburn-Powell, Political Historian and author of Defectors and the Liberal Party 1910-2010 said: “There are several components to this. The Lib Dems have a much smaller base of reliable supporters than the other parties and generally recruit many of their voters in the run up to an election.” He said that the Liberal Democrats’ poll ratings are usually lower in mid-term and “pick up during the election campaign”.

The reasons behind the shift, Dr Wyburn-Powell said, is “likely to be a combination of rejection of the coalition by more left-leaning former Lib Dems and some voters’ desire to make a protest vote … Speculating about whether the pattern will hold at the next general election could be risky.”

Many may vote tactically, depending on the situation in their constituencies. Dr Wyburn-Powell said that on realising that voting Labour will “let the Tories in instead of the Lib Dems” people may revert to voting for the Liberal Democrats.

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