NEWS: Westminster and The Prostitutes Collective come together to discuss the rights of sex-workers.

money exchange

A parliamentary group met recently to discuss possible changes to prostitution laws. Last month an international conference took place in Australia in which sex-workers’ organisations met to discuss laws and related issues.

The English Prostitutes’ Collective, an organisation working to increase the safety of sex workers, has had a preparatory meeting with the parliamentary group. The aim is to discuss rights and safety for Britain’s sex workers. The group reportedly contains several MPs, some from London. A second meeting is scheduled in the new year.

The Prostitutes’ Collective’s spokesperson, Sarah Walker, said: “The laws make it impossible for the prostitutes to work together”. This, she said, makes for an unsafe environment for the women.

“Violence is the main issue” said Walker. The collective receives phone calls every day from sex workers who have suffered abuse.

Walker said: “With the recent cuts and the higher tuition fees more students turn to prostitution. A recent investigation conducted by The Independent uncovered a website called Sponsor a Scholar, offering students their tuition fees in return for four meetings per term with a “sponsor”.

Working as a prostitute in the privacy of your own home or as an outcall escort is not an offense. Working on the street or in so-called ‘organised’ prostitution, whereby two or more prostitutes work together is illegal.


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