about me

I’m a London-based freelancer. I write about the environment, media, science and technology. For an updated list of clippings please see: clippings.me/smorlinyron

I regularly write for CNN International and the environmental magazine The Ecologist. Other publications have included the Observer, the Guardian and Truthout.

I have done internships at the digital features department at CNN International, the news and analysis magazine the Conversation and work experience at the Guardian News and Media.

I have a Masters in Global Media and Transnational Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London and have studied Journalism at City University.

My masters dissertation was a research project looking at the state of information security for people in the media. The research was qualitative and based on interviews and discourse analysis of reports from the UN and human rights organisations.

My final project at City University was a dissertation which explored the relationship between NGOs and the media.

During my studies I worked on a number of freelance projects in translation, transcription, social media editing, copywriting and online research. I have also edited and contributed to student magazines at City and Goldsmiths.

This website is a collection of my work featuring articles, essays, dissertations and links to published articles online. For a list of recent clippings, please see: clippings.me/smorlinyron

Contact: s.morlinyron(at)gmail.com


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